The Pedagogical Committee

Since 2017, the Pedagogical Committee has replaced the former Department of Studies and Pedagogy.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Educational Committee has the following missions:

  • Guarantee the specificity and quality of training

  • Define the objectives and content of the training

  • Ensure the consistency of the program and the educational path

  • Possibly suggest program changes

  • Validate the content of the modules carried out so that the training is equivalent for each promotion

  • Carry out the educational assessment of the current year and ensure that the evaluations of the different modules are carried out

  • Produce activity reports

  • Intervene not only on training issues but also on broader issues relating to life and daily life

  • Keeping up with current events to ensure student conduct and ethics learning.


The Educational Committee of ESSACA is constituted as follows:

  • Presidents: ESSACA Executive Director, ESSACA teacher

  • Members: the President of the Scientific Committee, the Pedagogical Manager, ESSACA teachers, the ONAC representative, the student representative .

Comite Scientifique.JPG

External Personality

The president of the Scientific Committee of ESSACA is an ex officio member of the Pedagogical Committee



President of the Education Commission

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Jean-Jacques Kotto 2.jpg



Executive director

Executive Director of ESSACA, Jean-Jacques Kotto has 38 years of experience in the field of architecture and town planning both in Cameroon and internationally.



Administrative and Pedagogical Assistant

A communicator graduated from ESSTIC, Régine Nzie Essoh has been coordinating ESSACA's educational activities for three years.

Danielle Moudeke.jpg

Urbanist architect

Former teacher

Former ESSACA teacher, Danielle Moudéké has 35 years of experience in Cameroon and internationally in various fields of architecture and town planning.

Cyrille Moukoko Ndoumbe.jpg

Bio Ethic Architect

Sustainable Business Developer


Specialized in organic sourced architecture, Cyrille Moukoko has 24 years of experience in Cameroon and internationally.

Christian Bios Nelem.jpg



Lecturer and professor in sociology, Prof. Christian Bios has participated as a consultant in several research projects in Cameroon.

Stéphane Akoa.jpg



A great scrutinizer of social, urban and regional phenomena, Stéphane Akoa has been carrying out research activities for 15 years in Cameroon and Central Africa.

Marie Ange Bonga.jpg

President of the BDE

The Students Office is represented within ESSACA bodies dealing with subjects related to education, pedagogy and school life.

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