We shape the future of African Architecture

The Special Higher School of Architecture of Cameroon (ESSACA), has set itself the objective of obeying the recommendations of the UNESCO-UIA Charter for architectural training. These recommendations are regularly updated with regard to new construction and territorial issues in order to take into account environmental, technological, sociological and spatial standards and developments. In the same dynamic, the ESSACA educational program is regularly updated in order to remain in harmony with the recommendations of the said Charter.
In this context, ESSACA developed its establishment project guided by the Scientific Committee and validated by the Board of Directors. Designed to resonate with the challenges of society and the development objectives that are particularly salient in Africa, this educational project offers progressive teaching that prepares you for multiple choices regarding job opportunities.This program aims to be coherent and structured, while remaining open. Because it must be able to permanently accommodate adaptation measures and corrections that are now essential to ensure continuity and readability while respecting developments in pedagogy and the teaching profession.

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