Preparatory Class
The preparatory class for ESSACA takes place over a period of 06 months from October to mid-April. The training program is mainly focused on the visual arts, art culture and some basic technical principles.​

Its primary objective is to prepare candidates for the first year entrance exam but is open to anyone wishing to acquire knowledge of the content of the training.Admission to the preparatory class is based on study of the registration file within the limit of available places.​

The documents to be provided for registration in preparatory class are as follows:
− The Original + certified copy of the Baccalaureate transcript all series;
− A duly completed individual information sheet (Download below);
− 2 identity photos;
− A cover letter ;​
Admission to the 1st year of the License Cycle is by competitive examination. Obtaining the baccalaureate or GCE is required for admission to the first year, however candidates can compete subject to the results of their exam.​

The competition is open to Baccalaureates and GCEs of all series. Two to three sessions of first year entrance exams are organised each academic year.

The composition of the administrative file for the 1st year entrance examination includes the following elements:​
− A cover letter including the candidate's address as well as their telephone and email details;
− A certified copy of the birth certificate;
− A certified copy of the school identity card for those who do not yet have the Baccalaureate or GCE;
− A certified copy of the Baccalaureate or CGE for holders;
− Two identity photos;
− A receipt for payment of competition fees to BICEC;
− A duly completed individual information sheet
During The Cycle
Admission after the first year is possible with a higher education diploma in a field related to architecture, like public works engineers.

It is carried out on file study and interview within the limit of available places.
Tuition fees are payable directly to the ESSACA bank account and the original proof of payment must be sent to the administration.

Preparatory Class 650,000 XAF payable in one go upon registration and non-refundable.​​

License Cycle (3 years) 12,000,000 XAF with payment options in instalments (see administration).​

Master Cycle (2 years) 8,000,000 XAF with payment options in instalments (see administration).​​​

Competition Fees 35,000 XAF to attach to the application file