The License Cycle
The License Cycle takes place over 3, maximum 4 years of study. It does not yet give the right to practice the profession of architect, but ultimately provides the necessary foundations for the profession.​
3-4 years of study
Worker internships
License in Architecture
The Master's Cycle
The first year of the Master Cycle allows you to approach different methodological concepts and teaching in social sciences, economics and law. The teaching of architecture is supplemented by various project workshops covering a wide range of themes such as cities and territories, landscape, heritage, to name just a few.
3-4 years of study
Thesis teaching provided
Project workshops
The Doctoral Cycle
The Doctorate cycle consists of two to three years of study and is devoted to research. It is sanctioned by the defense of the Doctorate.​ Such a research cycle is in progress at ESSACA in partnership with partner architecture schools. ​In parallel with the finalization of the implementation of its research cycle, ESSACA welcomes within its ARCHILAB and DoualaVilleLabo research units, doctoral students from partner schools wishing to carry out their research work in specific growth or growth environments. of urban change.​
2-3 years of study
Dedicated to research
Research work