Signature ESSACA-Douala City Hall Agreement 3rd

Audrey Sophie Ndongo
November 28, 2023
3 mins

On Wednesday May 3, 2023, the signing of an agreement took place between the Special Higher School of Architecture of Cameroon (ESSACA) and the town hall of Douala 3rd in the premises of this town hall. This agreement aims to strengthen and provide new professional and technical resources from the establishment to the staff and technicians of the town hall, in order to improve and provide concrete solutions to the populations of the city of Douala 3rd in particular. , and the urban city of Douala in general.  

At this meeting, we note the presence of Mr. Mayor Mr. VALENTIN EPOUPA, Mr. JEAN-JACQUES KOTTO Executive Director of ESSACA, the Deputy Mayor and technicians and executives from Douala town hall 3rd. The delegation accompanying the Executive Director of ESACA today was made up of technicians and professionals from Architecture and Urban Planning, and the head of Douala Ville Labo, ESSACA laboratory, observatory of urban phenomena housing since this year a preparatory class.

There are particularly pleasant moments when his hand puts his signature on a document following an exchange which took time but which was worth it, recalls the Mayor, subsequently affirming that the signing of this document will allow in the near future to be able to benefit everyone in the execution of their activities from assistance, in particular that which concerns the strengthening of the capacities of their various collaborators, and above all which will be beneficial to the populations. Finally, he reassured that everything will be done carefully and respectfully according to the terms of this agreement which have been put in place.

Mr. JEAN-JACQUES KOTTO declared to everyone the honor and pride of being part of this new team, a team in which the establishment will be able to make a contribution to the vision that the Mayor has for his municipality. "You have to be a good visionary to be able to plan for the future and leave behind a healthy legacy for the well-being of the population," he underlines.

ESSACA is the first school in Cameroon to date to have dared to enter this field of activity. It is a higher education establishment opening to professionalization and a research cycle with a view to a Doctorate, having emerged more than 10 years ago today. It trains professionals with state diplomas recognized by our Government, under the high sponsorship of the Head of State His Excellency Mr. PAUL BIYA, who supports and encourages young people to follow this training for the good development of our society.

The terms developed for this new convention are as follows:

• Through the ESSACA Douala Ville Labo laboratory housing a training center approved by UCLG-Africa, it will be a question of setting up reinforcement training programs provided to staff of local authorities on urban issues, occupation plans of soil and urban plans.

• Train on the delivery of a project, on the formulation of an execution project program.

• Train on the qualification of spaces, finding suitable solutions for risk areas.

• Tailor-made training on developing a program budget to learn how to carry out an activity.

Among other things, ESSACA intends to carry out tailor-made training sessions to help the staff and technicians of the municipality of local authorities to better program budgets, which will be drawn up in texts and laws in force in Cameroon.

At the end, Mr. JEAN-JACQUES KOTTO thanked the Mayor as well as his entire team present for the concern, commitment, and confidence in this new partnership. In the future, it will be a matter of being concrete about actions and producing satisfactory results to present to our populations.

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