Ms. Celestine Ketcha Courtès, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Guest of Honor at the release of the 8th Promotion of ESSACA

Audrey Sophie Ndongo
March 7, 2024

The graduation ceremony for ESSACA's 8th class took place on22 February 2024 on the school's premises, in the presence of the guest ofhonour for the occasion, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, MsCélestine Ketcha Courtès. The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education,Chancellor of the Academic Orders was personally represented by Mr GabsaNyomgbet, Secretary General, while Professor Annette Angoua officially markedthe presence of the Rector of the University of Douala. The President of theNational Order of Architects of Cameroon, Mr Jean Christophe Ndongo, led alarge delegation of architects. Among a host of VIP guests was MichèleLarüe-Charlus, a consultant in territorial strategies and ESSACA lecturer fromBordeaux. The lucky recipients, teachers, students and parents in attendancerounded out the illustrious audience for a special occasion of celebration.

An introductory welcome was delivered by ESSACA's ExecutiveDirector, Mr Jean Jacques Kotto, during which the winning students werecongratulated for their hard work and dedication throughout their academiccareer. He took the opportunity to reiterate ESSACA's vision, inspired by alove for his country, with the ambition of adapting to the standard of livingof its people while maintaining an international frame of reference, faithbeing an essential ingredient in achieving its objectives. After calling on theMinister of Housing and Urban Development to revitalise the partnershipagreement between MIHDU and ESSACA signed in 2015, the Executive Directorreiterated his gratitude to the Head of State, His Excellency Mr Paul Biya, forhis kind and distinguished patronage of ESSACA at its inauguration.

There followed an inaugural lesson taught by ProfessorBingono Bingono, Anthropologist, on the theme: Architecture and Resilience, theplace and resonances of our traditions in these links, particularly in thetraining of students at ESSACA. After congratulating the Executive Director forthe onomastic relevance of the acronym ESSACA which resonates very well in oneof the traditional languages ​​ofCameroon, Professor Bingono Bingono highlighted the place of architecture as apillar of culture through the habitat presented as a third skin. He concludedby inviting young ESSACA learners to reappropriate African cultural andtraditional values ​​on atriple dimension in order to produce buildings and urbanization in harmony withthe people of sub-Saharan Africa.

Professor Gabsa recalled the journey of ESSACA since itscreation and reiterated the commitment and support of the Ministry of HigherEducation for the provision of quality training at ESSACA. Congratulations andwishes of success to the winners in the service of national development. Heexpressed his satisfaction to the teaching staff and welcomed the words ofProfessor Bingono and congratulated the ESSACA musical group by specifying atESSACA we do not only train the head, we also train the heart, that is whatmakes a man complete conclusion of the remarks.

The closing speech of the speeches was delivered by theMinister of Housing and Urban Development who added thanks to the Head of Stateof Cameroon Mr. Paul Biya for the democratization of youth training and theestablishment a favorable environment for success. She sent her congratulationsto the Executive Director and the entire teaching staff of ESSACA for theircommitment to the training of young people. The Minister then invited the youngrecipients to be enterprising entrepreneurs and to seize the opportunitiesoffered by the municipalities by investing in major construction andurbanization projects, by obviously registering with the National Order ofArchitects of Cameroon. Finally, she provided support from MINDUH to ESSACAwithin the framework of the signed partnership agreement and discussed theopportunities for synergies in the United Cities and Towns of Cameroon (CVUC).As well as the SG of MINESUP, the Minister appreciated the activities ofstudent life at ESSACA, sources of personal and collective development.

Each graduating student was then called to solemnly receivetheir diploma from the hands of the Minister to warm rounds of applausetestifying to the pride and support of all.

The ceremony ended with a joyful photo session, a guidedtour of the exhibition on the second floor of the school, and a thank-youcocktail.

This day will remain etched in the memory of graduates andESSACA as the culmination of their years of study in architecture, marking thestart of an exciting new stage in their career.

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