Student mobility 2022-2023

Audrey Sophie Ndongo
January 29, 2024
1 min

As usual, ESSACA's ninth class ofMaster 2 students travelled to ENSAP Bordeaux for the second semester of the2022-2023 academic year, from February to June 2023. This was a special studentmobility because of student strike in the host country, and teaching at ENSAPBordeaux did not start until late in the semester.

Nevertheless, these mobilestudents were able to visit and immerse themselves in the city of Bordeaux andits surrounding area more than in previous years, deepening their understandingof the urban renewal work undertaken by the city and its metropolis. Theirvisits were made all the more instructive by the fact that their guide wasMichèle Larue Charlus, who was at the helm as Director of Development duringthe period of major renovation projects and has left several other projects inprogress of which she is fully conversant. As a result, the BASTIDE district,the Bassins à flots district, the protected areas, the new districts, and theCathedral of Sport no longer hold many secrets for them.

During their short stay at ENSAPBordeaux, another valuable support was found in Mr. Ferran Yusta Garcia, whoalso spared no time in assisting the ESSACA students to make them moreproductive.

All in all, we can conclude thatthis 2022-2023 student mobility project was beneficial and gratifying, despitethe pitfalls, and we are grateful to Ms. Charlus and Mr. Yusta Garcia for this,whom we thank once again.

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