Kinshasa: Towards a new modernity

Kinshasa, gigantic metropolis and capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is located on the south bank of the Congo River; it is one of the largest cities in sub-Saharan Africa. The inhabitants of the city commonly called Kinois are, if not musicians, great music lovers giving the city of Kinshasa a rich cultural identity where music, notably Congolese rumba, is a social practice based on sharing and a essential factor of intercultural dialogue and social cohesion. The climate is hot all year round, with a dry season from May to September and a rainy season from October to May punctuated by severe storms that occur frequently but rarely last more than a few hours.

Kribi: From seaside town to port city

Kribi is the main seaside town of Cameroon. Located in the Southern region of Cameroon, approximately 160 kilometers south of the city of Douala, the largest city in the country, Kribi is full of magnificent sandy beaches bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Malinkés from Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is full of a multiplicity of traditional areas, each with its own type of habitat. Each traditional habitat is adapted to the social structures and lifestyles of its indigenous populations. Indeed, the particular and intimate understanding of the living environment has as a corollary a perfect integration into the environment with a specific terminology composed of spatial descriptors serving not only to describe the physical space but also to define the relationship between space and the activities for which it supports, as well as the deep, symbolic and cultural aspects it contains. It is a breeding ground for the use of local materials such as earth, wood, raffia and other plants.

Musgun of Northern Cameroon

The Mousgoum people are a people of fishermen and breeders established in particular in Central Africa, particularly in northern Cameroon. It is made up of tall, robust and strong people strongly anchored in their traditions. Their ingenuity is illustrated by their unique habitat made up of huts with a particular shape evoking in a pictorial way egg shells, pottery or cannon shells, the term hut shell having finally imposed itself as the most used.

Vernacular in Angola

Angola (in Kikongo: Ngola) or Republic of Angola is a country in southern Africa sharing two borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo with which the country was part of the Kingdom of Kongo in the 15th century.

Kisumu: Intermediate city in search of growth

Kisumu is an ancient port city in western Kenya located on the shores of Lake Victoria; it constitutes the commercial, industrial and transport center for this region mainly because of its river and rail connections. Its name means a place of “sumo” barter in the Luo language and clearly represents the commercial character of the city. Despite a multi-ethnic population, Kenya's ethnic Luo tribe makes up most of the population of Kisumu City, Kenya's third largest city after Nairobi and Mombasa.