Sympoetic Architectural' is the theme of the exhibition produced by ESSACA students

The exhibition was created for the graduation ceremony of the 8th class of ESSACA. To illustrate resilience in the face of today's accelerating demographic, economic, social and climatic changes, the theme of the exhibition is taken from the poetic contraction of the Greek words 'creation' and 'with', i.e. 'to do with'. Mainly created from elements already available within the school, the exhibition is intended to be a journey through the cogitations and works of all ESSACA students from first to fifth year.

Introduced by the "forest of thoughts", made up ofpanels on which are listed all the quotations, both from Masters inarchitecture and simple beginners, that have inspired the students during theirprojects, the exhibition opens with a portal overlooking a hill, both built ofmud bricks.

A table displays the different types of models, from studymodels to project models and site models.

The students' projects are displayed on panels here andthere, showing the maturing process up to the finished projects, whose routepasses through the "sky of suspended dreams".

The exhibition ends with 2 viewing booths for videos onenvironmental issues and emblematic projects by equally emblematic architects.

The student exhibition was designed by Jean-Paul Ndongo andClaude Amougou, ESSACA graduate architects and assistants. The student projectsare those produced during the architecture course and have been carefullyselected by the exhibition designers to showcase a varied range of themes. Theearthworks were supervised by Alain Tchamda De Bossom, and the models byJean-Claude Ngako, the Dean of ESSACA, Makela Dimbissi, having preferred toreserve the exhibition for 2025, when the 10th class will graduate. Congratulations to all.


First session of entrance examination into first year

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